Introducing Platformatic v0.33.0: OpenTelemetry support and more

Introducing Platformatic v0.33.0: OpenTelemetry support and more

We are thrilled to announce the release of Platformatic v0.33.0, packed with exciting updates and improvements to elevate your development experience. This version focuses on enhancing stability, improving inter-service communication, and ensuring seamless interoperability across various components. Let's dive into the exciting new key features and updates.

Enhancements and Features

Open Telemetry Integration

To support advanced monitoring and observability, we are excited to introduce Open Telemetry integration, courtesy of @marcopiraccini (#1284). You can learn more here.

Type Definitions for Configuration

We understand the importance of strong typing in configuration files. With the efforts of @mcollina (#1297), we have now introduced types for both Service and DB configuration, ensuring better code quality and developer experience.

Platformatic Client Improvements

We have refactored the OpenAPI parser in response to user feedback to provide better support for types. This enhancement, brought to you by @leorossi (#1290), ensures a more robust and accurate parsing process.

@leorossi (#1308) has made significant contributions, making the req parameter optional for OpenAPI routes in the client-cli. Furthermore, selective ignoring of entity fields in GraphQL and OpenAPI schemas has been implemented (#1317 and #1314).

@mcollina (#1298) added a short log every time a new client is generated. Additionally, regenerating the client will update the previous files and configuration, improving development experience and reducing redundant operations.

Platformatic Frontend Improvements

@leorossi (#1312) has updated type definitions and implementation to support multiple responses, ensuring more flexible and robust handling of data.

Improvements in Composer

With contributions from @waynegibson, we have fixed operation ID's namespace schema incompatibilities in Composer (#1302).

Bug Fixes and Maintenance

Aside from the exciting new features, we have also addressed various bugs and conducted essential maintenance tasks to keep the platform running smoothly. Thanks to contributions from @leorossi (#1304, #1305, #1321), @ivan-tymoshenko (#1322), @waynegibson (#1314 and #1317) and @mcollina (#1301).

Wrapping up

With Platformatic v0.33.0, we aim to empower developers with a more reliable and efficient development experience. Our focus on stability, improved inter-service communication, and enhanced documentation will provide more seamless application development.

We are incredibly grateful to the open-source community and our dedicated contributors for making this release possible. Your continuous support and valuable feedback drive us to create better and more robust tools for developers worldwide.

To try out Platformatic v0.33.0 and learn more about the changes, head to our GitHub repository and documentation. We look forward to your feedback and contributions to improve Platformatic in future releases.

Happy coding!