Platformatic Cloud is here!

Platformatic Cloud is here!

Bring the simplicity of Platformatic to the power of the Cloud

In the mission to simplify developers' life and streamline DX, we are happy to announce the launch of Platformatic Cloud.

We are opening access to early adopters now. Join our waitlist.

Watch Platformatic's CTO Matteo Collina demoing how to create and deploy a Platformatic app to Platformatic Cloud.

Preview your API's PRs

One of the most time-inefficient tasks of developing APIs is enabling others to test the current changes. With Platformatic Cloud, every Pull Request has its preview URL, which can be shared with other team members. This feature bridges the gap between development speed and time to test, shortening the path to market.

Measure your API performance

Observe the performance of each deployed Pull Request to identify bottlenecks or performance degradation. Realtime and with no code needed!

Out-of-the-box OpenAPI and GraphQL

Platformatic applications come with an out-of-the-box experience to generate both OpenAPI and GraphQL documentation. Within Platformatic Cloud, developers can directly access OpenAPI and GraphQL interfaces to test their API immediately.

Integrated into your Git flow

One-step, Platformatic's GitHub action allows developers to push their code to GitHub and get right away a deployed and ready-to-test PR preview link.

We are very excited to bring the simplicity of Platformatic DX to the power of the cloud. Be part of our Discord community, check our documentation, and remember to join Platformatic Cloud's waitlist.