Platformatic Cloud is LIVE

Platformatic Cloud is LIVE

Our first Launch Week - March 27-30 2023

Today, we are happy to announce new features in our Platformatic Cloud.

Platformatic aims to simplify the developer experience in building backends and APIs.

Let's start digging into:

  • PR Previews

  • Workspaces

  • and Platformatic Cloud open to everyone

PR Previews

We enable developers to test every code change by providing a unique URL for each Pull Request. We are used to seeing such a feature for web apps (Netlify, Vercel to mention a few); however, implementing such a feature for APIs has always been nontrivial and time-consuming.

This functionality allows developers to have a faster and more efficient feedback loop on any API change they make and to keep the integration loop with their consumers constantly updated (we all love seeing that green mark on our CI!).


Another critical aspect of the development flow is provision environments and having a standardized way to promote working code to be consumed by everyone.

Time is always of the essence, and, as we all know, as a developer getting a new environment might take some time. With Static Workspaces, this can happen in a few seconds, and our start time is measured in seconds, not minutes or hours!

Get a static URL for all your deployments. Push your code to GitHub. Your CI is taking care of bundling (with some of our magic dust!), and we take care of running it.

It's as simple as that.

Platformatic Cloud

In December, we announced Platformatic Cloud in beta, with access limited to only invited users. While we received over 2000 requests to join our cloud, we got an incredible amount of positive feedback on PR Previews and Workspaces. We are thrilled to announce that Platformatic Cloud is now available to everyone. Just so you know, no invite is required anymore. We are opening our Free tier with a new revamped Dashboard and full PR Previews and Workspaces access.

We believe that this is the beginning of a game-changing experience. And we just started!!!

If you missed our Launch Week announcement, you can catch up with the recording on YouTube.

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