Platformatic Launch Week Recap

Platformatic Launch Week Recap

We’ve just wrapped up our first ever Launch Week. Here’s a recap of everything that we released, along with some practical deep dives and tutorials.

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Launch announcements

Watch our co-founders Luca Maraschi and Matteo Collina announcing all of the incredible new features in Platformatic Cloud and our open-source tools.

We’ve also put together a handy YouTube playlist with all the announcements, deep dives and Q&A sessions from Launch Week.

Platformatic Cloud: live and FREE for everyone

You can try the future of API deployment today with Platformatic Cloud Free.

Deploy your Node.js applications with:

✅ Pull request preview apps
✅ Rapid deploys
✅ Freedom from build minutes
✅ Observability by default

💫 Read about the new Platformatic Cloud features in the launch blog post

Open-source: Platformatic Client

We’ve made a new release of our open-source tools. It includes the all new Platformatic Client: a fast and type-safe way to create API clients for your services.

Read the v0.19.0 release blog post to learn more

Open-source deep dive: Platformatic Client - Video

Our Co-founder and CTO Matteo Collina took a deep dive into one of the incredible new features in our open-source tools: Platformatic Client.

Platformatic Client is a fast and type-safe way to create API clients for your services. You can use the Platformatic CLI to generate an API client, or use the @platformatic/client library programmatically.

🤿 Learn how to use Platformatic Client in Matteo’s open-source deep dive and the follow up Q&A

Tutorial: Build a polls API with Platformatic DB

We’re delighted to share a new tutorial with you by Kelvin O Omereshone. If you want to learn how to rapidly build REST and GraphQL APIs with the full flexibility of Platformatic DB, Kelvin’s got you covered!

📊 Read Build a polls API with Platformatic DB

Deep dive on new Cloud features - Video

Our Developer Advocate Simon Plenderleith took a deep dive into all of the new features of Platformatic Cloud.

He shows how you can effectively combine Platformatic Cloud with the hosted Postgres service Neon. This gives you a fully isolated preview app and database for every pull request. It’s a fantastic way to test and deploy your Node.js applications!

☁️ Learn how to deploy your apps with Platformatic Cloud

A big thank you to the folks at Neon who helped us put together the workflows.

Cloud Q&A with Luca Maraschi - Video

Be sure to check out the Q&A that we hosted after the deep dive, with our Co-founder and CEO Luca Maraschi. Luca shares his thoughts about building a Cloud platform on the solid foundations of Node.js and Fastify.

🧠 Watch the Cloud Q&A

Tutorial: Building a Link Curation API with Platformatic

Check out Ian Wootten's fantastic tutorial, where they take you step-by-step through building a custom GraphQL API with Platformatic DB. It’s a great way to get familiar with the features of Platformatic DB and learn how to add custom functionality to your app.

🗞️ Read Building a Link Curation API with Platformatic

Matteo's talk at CityJS London conference

Photo by Marcel Cutts

Our launch week was brought to a close on Friday by our CTO Matteo’s talk at the wonderful CityJS London conference: I would never use an ORM (video coming soon).

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