Platformatic v0.6.0 - Options, Auth, and NULL!

Platformatic v0.6.0 - Options, Auth, and NULL!

We are using Platformatic to build something new that we find missing features we need all the time. v0.6.0 release adds a couple of new things!

The full release notes are available at:

While I was preparing this blog post, I stumbled a bug, which I fixed in v0.6.1:

Setting the plugin options

It's now possible to configure the options for the custom plugins defined in Platformatic Service & DB.

Given the following config file:

  port: 3000
  path: ./plugin.mjs
    hello: 'Hello World'

and plugin

export default async function (app, opts) {
  // opts will contain anything defined in plugin -> options
  app.get('/', () => opts.hello)

You can see it in action at:

Skipping authorization

In custom plugins, it's possible to skip the authorization rules on entities programmatically by setting the skipAuth flag to true, e.g.:

// this works even if the user's role doesn't have the `find` permission
const res = await{
  ctx, // The context contain the user information
  skipAuth: true

is NULL support

In Platformatic DB, filtering by fields being NULL is now possible. This feature should have been in from the start - it's my fault ;).

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 18.11.13.png