Why I decided to found Platformatic / Matteo

Why I decided to found Platformatic / Matteo

I often claim that there is no such thing as luck, and this is one of those moments. After eight years of working as a consultant building software for others, I have decided to take the leap and start a new product company: Platformatic.

What is Platformatic going to be? We are building the platform for your next project. Platformatic’s aim is to remove all friction from the day-to-day of backend developers. We will be creating a series of Open Source tools to make software, in less time than ever, and with lower maintenance costs.

Why now?. A few people have asked me this, and it’s a good question. It all goes back to the theory behind "Sliding Doors" - inconsequential moments that alter the trajectory of future events: I lost my dad in 2019 and became a proud father to my daughter Zoe in 2020. These two life-altering experiences taught me that in order to be happy: I must live by the principle of least regret. With this in mind, having worked in the software industry for the last decade led me to slowly but surely regret not having started my own company. While according to most statistics, it’s never too late, my imposter syndrome was in the way, until now.

I knew I needed a partner to start this new journey, so I turned to my ex-colleague and friend Luca Maraschi - who now is Platformatic CEO - where I found a common vision to make backend development simple.

With that being said, I'm not stopping my work maintaining Node.js and Fastify. Platformatic’s roots are in Node.js and Fastify; therefore, as a co-founder and believer in the power that these projects can have, I will double down on my work for the JavaScript community at large, and keep supporting all critical projects. As a team, we plan to invest in both the Node.js and Fastify ecosystems.

Last but most certainly not least, I would like to say a profound thank you to my wife, Anna, without whom I would not be here today, launching something I am so passionate about. Many years ago, Anna encouraged me to go to English school. Today, she continues to encourage me to be my best self every day.

As of today, I am very proud to announce that I will be Platformatic’s CTO, making it my job to create the best developer experience for backend developers across the globe.