Introducing the Platformatic April 2024 Launch

Introducing the Platformatic April 2024 Launch

Simplifying Node.js Development with Flexibility, Support and Community

For the 12 million backend developers across the globe, the work week can often feel like an endless cycle of repetitive tasks and tedious routines. Regardless of the industry they may work in, their years of experience or their employer, for developers and technical team leaders alike, the struggle to simplify development workflows and overcome the complexities of platform engineering is all too familiar.

But what if there was a solution—one that could improve developer experience and empower developers to focus on what truly matters?

Enter our April 2024 release, set to transform the way developers approach Node.js development. With a focus on flexibility, support, and community, this release isn't just about introducing new features; it's about revolutionizing the entire Node.js development experience, from coding to debugging, all the way through to running and deployment.

Meraki v1.0.0: Simplifying Application Management

Meraki now exposes new functionality available within Platformatic Runtime and its new Management API. Discover the new Open Source features available within Platformatic here.

Navigating through the complexities of platform engineering can often seem like an uphill battle. For developers and technical team leaders, the challenge lies in streamlining workflows and overcoming repetitive tasks to drive innovation. But what if there was a solution—one that could simplify processes, foster collaboration and reduce repetition?

Enter Meraki v1.0.0—a significant leap forward in simplifying application management within the Platformatic ecosystem. Meraki, consisting of our Stackable templates and the Stackables Marketplace, offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline the development lifecycle.

Meraki empowers developers to focus on building amazing applications without the unnecessary complexities. It's the perfect companion to any IDE, and isn't just about simplifying workflows– it's also about fostering collaboration and community-driven learning.

Now with seamless local app launches, access to critical runtime metrics and new documentation integrations, developers using Meraki can access essential tools and resources—all within the comfort of their preferred development environment.

Discover Meraki 1.0.0's new features in more detail here.

Encouraging Collaboration and Community Engagement

Last month, we surpassed 2 million monthly Platformatic downloads. As profound believers in the Open Source community, we knew we wanted to use this release to bring the Open Source collaborative ethos to how we grow our Open Source offering for our rapidly expanding community of users.

To that end, we will be opening up our backlog for input from the public. We invite you to join our fortnightly community engagement calls on Discord, where you can have your say on current features, upcoming releases and our future roadmap.

Moreover, as our user base continues to grow, we identified the need for a larger, specialized community hub for developers working with Node and Platformatic in their tech stack.

As such, we are launching an "All Things Node" channel within the Platformatic Discord community. Whether you're a newcomer exploring Node.js or a seasoned developer refining your expertise, the "All Things Node" channel is a go-to destination for knowledge sharing to unlock the full potential of Node.js within the Platformatic ecosystem.

Unlocking the Power of Kubernetes: Public Beta Launch

Kubernetes has emerged as the industry standard for orchestrating containerized applications, offering unparalleled scalability and efficiency. With the public Beta launch of our Kubernetes support program, we're equipping developers with the tools they need to deploy and manage applications efficiently at scale.

Whether you're managing a small-scale project or orchestrating a large-scale deployment, our Kubernetes support program provides you with the tools and resources you need to deploy and manage your applications efficiently at scale. From seamless scaling to improved resource utilization, Kubernetes offers a host of benefits that streamline the deployment process and enhance the overall developer experience.

Wrapping up

With Node.js usage surging by nearly 40% year on year, the need for a unified solution for simplifying and streamlining Node.js development is more clear than ever. With our latest offerings, including Meraki's seamless application management and the introduction of our Kubernetes support program, we're not just meeting this demand; we're setting a new standard for Node.js development efficiency and scalability.

"We're witnessing firsthand the global surge in Node.js usage, indicative of its pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape. As more companies add Node to their tech stack, we want to ensure that their developers encounter a positive developer experience. By providing a centralized toolkit and fostering collaborative engagement, we're laying the groundwork for Node.js engineering teams to succeedand drive meaningful change in the digital realm." - Luca Maraschi, CEO of Platformatic

Together, let's shape the future of Node.js development.