Platformatic and Scalar Announce Partnership, Pioneering the Future of Developer Tooling

Platformatic and Scalar Announce Partnership, Pioneering the Future of Developer Tooling

We're thrilled to unveil a partnership between Platformatic and Scalar, marking a significant leap forward in reshaping the developer tooling landscape.

Scalar's suite of customizable developer tools, designed to assist developers at every stage of API development, is now set to integrate seamlessly with Platformatic's Open Source toolkit, known for providing a swift and straightforward approach to building modern Node.js & Fastify backends.

Today, over a quarter of developers spend over 20 hours per week working with APIs. The demand for advanced API development and backend tools is soaring, with over 90% of organizations planning to invest in APIs in the next 12 months. With the digital transformation era in full swing, the partnership between Platformatic and Scalar addresses the pressing need for innovative solutions in API and backend development, promising a paradigm shift in the way developers work.

Born out of a shared vision to shape the next generation of backend development

Luca Maraschi, Platformatic’s Co-Founder & CEO, first met Marc Laventure, Scalar's Co-Founder and CEO, in the city they both call home– Vancouver.

“We became fast friends after both pouring over our shared passion for building next-generation, Open-Source developer tooling. Platformatic is a toolkit for putting complex and lengthy backend processes on autopilot. Scalar comes into the equation and provides modern API documentation & testing for Platformatic users” says Marc.

This partnership represents more than just a connection of tools; it signifies a commitment to crafting a seamless API development journey.

"By combining our robust backend solutions with Scalar's exceptional API development suite, we empower developers to focus on innovation rather than navigating complex documentation and testing processes. At the end of the day, our goal is to empower developers, foster creativity, and make the development experience more enjoyable," said Luca.

Introducing Platformatic x Scalar

“Traditionally, both backend development and API documentation have been boring processes for developers, who face plummeting job satisfaction due to time-consuming processes such as these. Marc’s vision with Scalar resonated with me– we both believe that developers deserve access to tools which can free their time and enable them to think outside the box and have a diversified to-do list” continues Luca.

For users, this integration brings features like a fully integrated REST API Client for testing endpoints directly within Platformatic's toolkit, offline search powered by Fuse.js, and code snippet generation in dozens of languages. These enhancements promise to streamline the development process, providing users with a comprehensive set of tools accessible within a unified environment.

Stay tuned for a transformative year ahead as we usher in a new era of Open-Source developer tooling.

This feature is now available since version 1.16 of Platformatic.