Platformatic and Valor Software Partner to Drive Efficiency and Simplicity in Software Development

Platformatic and Valor Software Partner to Drive Efficiency and Simplicity in Software Development

We are pleased to announce that Platformatic has partnered with Valor Software to deliver end-to-end software development support.

Platformatic’s developer-centric backend development platform offers a simple, fast, and secure backend for modern frontends. Meanwhile, Valor Software is a software development consultancy, focussing primarily on improving developer productivity through creating and customizing open source software and custom development solutions.

This new partnership comes at a time where over 90 per cent of organizations are undergoing some form of digital transformation initiative, culminating in global spending on digital transformation being poised to hit $2.8 trillion USD by 2025. At the same time, the developers who are tasked with implementing these initiatives in the form of new or revamped applications, are facing rapidly growing workloads which include highly repetitive and manual tasks, dampening developer experience.

In light of the current landscape, Platformatic and Valor Software share a vision: to redefine software development as a hassle-free and rewarding journey by offering Valor’s clients simple access to Platformatic’s backend development framework on which to build, consume, scale and operate modern backends with the power of the Fastify web framework, and by connecting Platformatic’s users with Valor’s full stack expertise. For startups, this means accelerated time-to-market and access to top-tier backend and frontend solutions and expertise. Enterprises, on the other hand, can leverage the partnership to optimize their existing software infrastructure and create transformative solutions at speed.

"At Platformatic, we believe that backend development should be seamless and enjoyable. Backend development doesn’t operate in a vacuum, meaning that it isn’t only backend developers who deal with the fallout when dealing with complex, repetitive and slow infrastructure development work. By combining our robust backend solutions with Valor’s exceptional full stack development and consultancy services, we empower customers with an end-to-end solution that drives success through the fast and effective development of innovative and memorable applications” said Luca Maraschi, Co-Founder and CEO at Platformatic.

“Over the last 10 years, Valor has worked with organizations of all sizes from startups to Fortune 250. Through that experience, we have seen too many painful developer experiences and the real-world costs of working in legacy software. Our passion for distributed software and modernization fits very well with the strategy and vision of Platformatic. We look forward to working together with Luca, Matteo and the team on the future of development” said Zack Chapple, CRO at Valor Software.


Built atop Fastify & Node.js, Platformatic's backend development platform provides an out-of-the box, modular platform engineering solution allowing users to build, consume, scale and operate modern backends without sacrificing best practices, type safety and flexibility.