Platformatic Joins the OpenAPI Initiative

Platformatic Joins the OpenAPI Initiative

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Platformatic has become the newest member of the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI), a dynamic consortium of industry experts dedicated to advancing the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) – a universal, open description format for RESTful APIs.

As an Open Source backend platform geared at making API development fast and simple, Platformatic sees the advantages of implementing the OpenAPI Specification and subsequently reducing friction and confusion that has long-plagued the API lifecycle.

From the approximate 25% of developers who spend > 20 hours per week working with APIs, all the way to the 90% of business executives who consider APIs “mission critical” for growth and innovation, there is an unspoken agreement that APIs are the key to modern application development, enabling seamless integration, data exchange, and innovation.

“The OpenAPI Initiative is the standard around which a rich ecosystem of development tools are flowering, including Platformatic” says Luca Maraschi, co-founder and CEO of Platformatic. “Our mission at Platformatic has always been to provide the Open Source toolkit that developers need to innovate fast, and the intelligent command center that operators need to operate their backend on autopilot. Central to achieving this is standardizing best practices and providing a framework around how best to design, operate and consume APIs, a shared goal which led us to support the OpenAPI Initiative.”

Matteo Collina, Platformatic’s co-founder and CTO, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration, stating, "OpenAPI is not just a specification; it's a key driver for interoperability and growth in the API industry. We see it as a fundamental tool for building robust, scalable, and customizable API solutions."

“We are very pleased to welcome Platformatic as a member of the OpenAPI Initiative. Companies like Platformatic that build products upon the OpenAPI Specification and focus their design choices around OpenAPI are leading API development trends" said Isabelle Mauny, OpenAPI Business Governing Board Chair.

To learn more about participating in the evolution of the OpenAPI Specification:

About the OpenAPI Initiative

The OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) was created by a consortium of forward-looking industry experts who recognize the immense value of standardizing on how APIs are described. As an open governance structure under the Linux Foundation, the OAI is focused on creating, evolving, and promoting a vendor-neutral description format. The OpenAPI Specification was originally based on the Swagger Specification, donated by SmartBear Software. To get involved with the OpenAPI Initiative, please visit

About Platformatic

For too long, backend development has been a repetitive and cumbersome process. Platformatic was built to take backend platforms and put them on autopilot. With our Open Source Toolkit, users can build modern Node.js & Fastify backends quickly and simply. Our intelligent command center provides digital platform operators with the tools they need to reduce manual intervention and deployment risks. Funded by Decibel, Panache Ventures, and multiple angel investors, Platformatic was founded in 2022. For more information see: