Platformatic v0.15.0

Platformatic v0.15.0

Hi Folks! Platformatic v0.15.0 is out with a new feature and plenty of fixes! Thanks to everybody that contributed!

Docker image

Did you know that we have a Docker Image that you can use to test Platformatic or use as a base image for your production systems? You can find it at

Platformatic v0.15.0 ships with all the security updates from the Node.js February 2023 Security Releases.

You can use the Platformatic docker image simply by copying over your configuration and all the needed files, like so:

FROM platformatic/platformatic:latest

USER root

WORKDIR /opt/app
COPY migrations migrations
COPY platformatic.db.json platformatic.db.json
COPY plugin.js plugin.js


ENV DATABASE_URL=sqlite://./platformatic.db

CMD ["platformatic", "db", "start"]

Allow specifying multiple entities per authorization rules

Very often, we end up writing the same authorization rules over and over again. Instead, it's possible to condense the rule for multiple entities on a single entry:

    "authorization": {
      "jwt": {
        "secret": "supersecret"
      "roleKey": "X-PLATFORMATIC-ROLE",
      "anonymousRole": "anonymous",
      "rules": [{
        "role": "anonymous",
        "entities": ["category", "page"],
        "find": true,
        "delete": false,
        "save": false

This new feature was implemented at

Setup Dashboard on a custom endpoint

It is now possible to specify the path upon which the dashboard is exposed:

  "dashboard": {
    "path": "/"

This change was implemented by @leorossi in

Multiple bugfixes

Full Changelog: