Spendesk Adopts Platformatic to Enhance Backend Development Efficiency

Spendesk Adopts Platformatic to Enhance Backend Development Efficiency

Platformatic is pleased to announce that Spendesk, a fintech unicorn pioneering spend management solutions, has adopted our platform to enhance backend development efficiency.

Streamlining Backend Development

In today's business environment, the continuous optimization of backend development processes is imperative for companies like Spendesk. This ensures they can meet evolving client needs, innovate rapidly, and maintain the security and reliability of their software.

Spendesk’s engineering team identified Platformatic as the right solution to assist with simplifying their backend development process and reducing deployment risk while maintaining a focus on security and best practices.

Marco Bassi, Engineering Manager - Platform Group at Spendesk, elaborates, “The collaboration with Platformatic and the use of their tools were pivotal for our team behind Spendesk's Public API, who undertook the challenge of delivering it within a span of less than 6 months.”

Platformatic Client: An Innovative Solution for Spendesk

Platformatic Client, a client generator that produces fully-typed clients with no dependencies, seamlessly integrates into the development process, ensuring the integrity of the application while simplifying complex development tasks.

Roberto Bianchi, Senior Software Engineer at Spendesk, continues, “We’ve adopted Platformatic to help us grow and operate Spendesk’s backend. Notably, Platformatic Client has simplified our development process supporting the Alpha launch of our Public API, helping us to ship quickly and iteratively as we continue to expand our features and customer base and accelerate our time-to-market.”

Luca Maraschi, CEO of Platformatic, remarked: "Platformatic was created to help companies like Spendesk deliver top-notch software with innovative features while maintaining a resilient software architecture. Seeing this vision become a reality through our adoption by Spendesk is immensely exciting for us."

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